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Are my Teeth Wearing Down?

Worn Teeth - 8/6/20

The Importance of Resolving Your TMJD and How Dr. Wilson Can Help

TMJ, TMJD - 8/5/20

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Self-Care Remedies For Relieving TMJ Pain

TMJ, Self-Care, Wellness - 3/3/20

“She carries herself with an informed, professional and reassuring manner, and when you are sitting in her chair, you feel as though all of the bureaucracy falls away and that she is fully focused on you and your mouth. I've only ever been to three NYC dentists, but for me, she has been the exception, not the rule…. I think her patients would agree that what inspires Dr. Wilson is to have patients whose mouths are as healthy as they can possibly be on a long-term basis.”

J.B. New York, NY

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