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Meet Dr. Pamela Wilson

Dr. Wilson is an expert on sleep-disordered breathing, inter-relationship of the biomechanics of the neck, jaws, airway, and teeth.

Dr. Wilson has collaborated with many phenomenal individuals within this field like Dr. Mary E. Burns; a world-renowned Master in the foundations, diagnosis, and treatment of impediments to sleep breathing, the neuromuscular and systemic relationships, safe controllable tooth movement, & restoration of teeth.

Her Background and Education


Dr. Wilson has acquired a great set of skills, knowledge & capabilities essential for finding the best possible solutions for each individual patients' needs.

Dr. Pamela Wilson is exceptionally trained to help with a variety of challenges you may be experiencing with your head, neck, and/or spinal areas. In addition to preventative care, Dr. Wilson can assist with issues involving jaw clenching and grinding, tooth decay, gum disease, TMJ pain, headaches, ADD/ADHD, sleep breathing, fibromyalgia, and cosmetic care

Through her focus, work, and study, and through developing alliances with other healthcare professionals, she is thrilled to be able to provide the best care possible.

Early Career

Throughout her entire career, Dr. Wilson has held herself to the highest standards of care. She is known for her impeccable patient care and her ability to relate in positive ways with her patients. 

The beginning of her career focused on providing important preventive education and care, beautiful cosmetic work, well informed diagnosis, and excellent restorations. She has exceeded in her ability to work with patients regarding their specific needs, and then provided recommendations and solutions. All along she has worked with children, providing them with exceptional care and the confidence to maintain their oral health.


  • Master Fellow: Texas Center for Occlusal Studies

  • Fellow: Orthognathic Bioesthetics Institute

  • Ethics Facilitator​Columbia University School of Dental Medicine

  • Doctor of Dental Surgery: Georgetown University, School of Dentistry

  • Bachelor of Science: San Francisco State University

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